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Reversing Alzheimer's book

Reversing Alzheimer’s

The New Toolkit to Improve Cognition and Protect Brain Health



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Hope for those battling memory loss

The LOCAList SD | Fox5

A new study is giving hope to those fighting memory loss and dementia. Ashley is in the studio with Dr. Heather Sandison, ND, from Marama Experience. See why she’s so excited about the future when it comes to treating Alzheimer’s and more.

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Can we reverse Alzheimer’s disease? Experts suggest ‘new paradigm’ for combating dementia

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and proactive intervention ‘could potentially have a much greater impact’

Quoted on, April 2024.

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Is there a connection between Alzheimer’s disease and Herpes? New research suggests it.

Quoted in MDLinx, Nov 2023.

Medical News Today

How a Candida infection could trigger mechanisms tied to Alzheimer’s

Quoted in Medical News Today, Oct 2023.

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The new Alzheimer’s drug is out there. But experts question how well it works.

Quoted in MDLinx, Oct 2023.

Medical News Today

No Spouse, Partner or Kids? Solo Agers Don’t Need to Go It Alone

Quoted in AARP Magazine, Sept 2023.

Medical News Today

A Guide to Epsom Salt Bath Benefits and Best Practices

Quoted in InStyle, Sept 2023.

Medical News Today

7 Surprising Benefits of Taking Magnesium Every Day

Quoted in BestLife, Sept 2023.

Medical News Today

Study reveals how nutraceuticals can alleviate cognitive decline

Quoted in Nutraceutical Business Review, Sept 2023.

Medical News Today

‘Laughter therapy’ is shown to reduce heart disease risk in new study

Quoted in Fox, AOL, Yahoo!, Aug 2023.

Medical News Today

New early Alzheimer’s treatment shows improvement in cognition

Quoted in Medical X Press, Aug 2023.

Medical News Today

Gluten may contribute to brain inflammation, mouse study suggests

Quoted in Medical News Today, Aug 2023.

Bruce Willis’ rare dementia diagnosis explained

Quoted in The Mirror UK, Aug 2023.

EIN Presswire

Losing sense of smell could be an early indicator of Alzheimer’s disease

Quoted in MDLinx, Aug 2023.

EIN Presswire

Groundbreaking Study Led by Dr. Heather Sandison Shows Improved Cognitive Function in Individuals with Cognitive Decline

Published in Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Aug 2023.

EIN Presswire

Observed Improvement in Cognition During a Personalized Lifestyle Intervention in People with Cognitive Decline

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Aug 2023.

EIN Presswire

Transforming Lives: Clear Mind Center and Dr. Heather Sandison Redefine Alzheimer’s Care