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Reversing Alzheimer's book

Reversing Alzheimer’s

The New Toolkit to Improve Cognition and Protect Brain Health


Dr. Heather Sandison

A World Without Dementia


Dr. Heather Sandison, a distinguished naturopathic doctor, has devoted her career to providing compassionate care and innovative solutions to those affected by dementia. Renowned for her pioneering work, Dr. Sandison has integrated groundbreaking, holistic, and multimodal interventions, seamlessly creating clinical, residential, research, and educational platforms. Her relentless dedication has not only transformed the lives of patients and caregivers she has also set new standards in the field of dementia care.

She is the founder of Solcere (Soul – SAIR – eh) Health Clinic and Marama, the first residential care facility for the elderly of its kind. She is the primary clinical investigator and author of the peer reviewed article “Observed Improvement in Cognition During a Personalized Lifestyle Intervention in People with Cognitive Decline” published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in August of 2023.  

She also hosts the annual Reverse Alzheimer’s summit. Her book Reversing Alzheimer’s will be published by HarperCollins in June 2024 to scale her impact and work towards her goal of making dementia rare and optional. She is excited to shatter common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s and share what she has learned about keeping your brain sharp at any age.

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You Can Reverse Cognitive Decline


My mission is to support all-natural cognitive health and provide hope and healing to as many people as I can.

I firmly believe in the power of the human body. Your body wants to thrive — we just have to give it the right conditions and the right fuel.

Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD, puts it perfectly: There’s no single “silver bullet” for reversing cognitive decline, but what we do have is “silver buckshot” — a comprehensive and integrative approach to activate our body’s incredible and innate ability to heal itself.

What I Do

I strive to share my knowledge on cognitive care in any way that I can. This includes consulting, public speaking, wirting, and hosting or attending events.


I partner with thought-leading and boundary-pushing organizations. Contact me to discuss your project.


Whether as teacher, podcaster, summit organizer, or guest. I speak on all things cognitive health, in-person or online.


My summit “Reversing Alzheimer‘s” is now in its 4th year. I’m also a speaker at many summits and conferences.


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Praise for Dr Sandison

While I consider my patients to be my greatest teachers, here are some kind words that they have to say about me and my work. Seeing their healing and restoration of hope is my greatest honor.

Barbra Weiland


“Dr. Sandison and her staff are knowledgeable, compassionate and professional beyond anything I have experienced from any other doctors office”

Bodhi Jeffreys


“I trust Dr. Sandison. She’s dedicated to supporting people in healing, and in living fully vibrant lives.”

Her care and respect for patients is genuine, and her expertise in innovative approaches makes a big difference.”

Kelsey Barrett


“Dr. Sandison is the best doctor I’ve ever worked with. Intelligent, can strategize around complicated modern illnesses, multi-layered infections, chronic fatigue, and more.”